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20 amazing gift ideas for coffee lovers - find the perfect present!
Last updated 22nd October, 2021

Whether you are fanatical about coffee or not, chances are you’re close to someone who can’t get enough of our favourite dark, roasted bean.

Thanks to the amazing variety of flavours, preparation methods and aesthetics of coffee, you’ll always be able to find a new and interesting gift for a coffee lover. But due to the overwhelming variety, if you don’t know what you’re looking for, finding the perfect gift can be a challenge.

Well, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve pulled together a list of 20 unique, delightful and exotic gifts for coffee-lovers across a range of budgets, along with our top-tip filled buying guide, to make sure your loved one’s next cup of Joe is extra special!

20 Great Coffee Gift Ideas

As the realm of coffee is chock-full with variety—from beans to machines—we’ve narrowed the market down to four key categories: coffee machines and makers; coffee; accessories; and gift ideas that are a little more outside the box. Within each category we have carefully scoured the market to bring you a variety of gifts which strike a good balance between wow factor and budget.

Coffee Machines and Makers

1. Bialetti Moka Express Stovetop Espresso Maker (3 Cup)

A Moka is among the simplest and most universal methods of making the perfect espresso. By simply filling the reservoir, adding some ground coffee and placing the moka on the stove you’re able to experience an excellent espresso every time. Bialetti make some of the most iconic mokas and have refined the form over the past 80 years. For an effortlessly iconic gift, look no further.

  • Retailer: Amazon
  • Price: £

2. AeroPress Coffee and Espresso Maker

Both very affordable and delightfully niche, the AeroPress is a new and unique way of producing a good brew. Utilising an impressive press method to brew coffee under the ideal temperature, pressure and immersion, AeroPress takes a brief 30 seconds to brew, producing a rich espresso. What’s more is that you can use the device cold, producing cold brews, making it a very versatile device.

  • Retailer: Amazon
  • Price: £

3. Cafe du Chateau Cold Brew Coffee Maker

Cold Brew coffee is one for the enthusiasts. We are all familiar with iced coffee—but only those in the know truly appreciate the differences between the two. Café du Chateau’s Cold Brew Coffee Maker produces a fantastic cold brew coffee, using a dual-layer seal to ensure that none of that essential flavour is lost or contaminated in the process. It also offers up to four glasses per brew, making it perfect for families, couples or lovers of multiple cups!

  • Retailer: Amazon
  • Price: £

4. Nespresso CitiZ Coffee Pod Machine

Nespresso have become known as a premium coffee brand thanks to their many years in the business. Magimix’s Nespresso-capsule machine offers a sleek, modern design which is loved by coffee drinkers and would be a great addition to any kitchen. This machine is incredibly easy to use thanks to the fact it uses coffee pods, but note that pods will not be for everyone, especially those who like to craft their own cup of coffee. For more coffee pod machine inspiration check out our post on our favourites.

  • Retailer: Amazon
  • Price: £££

5. BODUM Pour Over Coffee Maker

Pour over coffee has always been a popular method of coffee making, however it has struggled with producing excess waste due to single-use filters. This BODUM maker solves that problem thanks to the reusable mesh that comes with it. The sleek blown glass of this maker is sure to stand out on any coffee lover’s counter, making this a great choice for a true lover of handmade coffee.

  • Retailer: John Lewis
  • Price: ££


6. Blue Coffee Box Gift Subscription

Offering two 227g EcoBags of coffee in a fully compostable box, Blue Coffee Boxes will be an immediate hit with all the eco-warriors out there who are searching for sustainable coffee. What’s more is you have the ability to fully customise what type of coffee will be delivered and in what format: each option being perfectly tailored for each method of preparation. As their model is subscription based, you can gift as money months worth of coffee as you like—and if they love the coffee, they can easily continue on with their subscription!

  • Retailer: Blue Coffee Box
  • Price: £

7. Monmouth Coffee Beans or Grounds

Monmouth Coffee are well known for their full-bodied coffees. Their gift options are a perfect way to treat your loved one with some of the best coffee in the business. With the choice of a prepaid subscription, a gift card, a filter coffee kit or our personal favourite, a selection box, Monmouth offers a variety of options to meet a handful of price points.

  • Retailer: Monmouth Coffee
  • Price: £-££

8. Selection of specialty coffee pods (Nespresso compatible)

For individuals with Nespresso coffee pod machines, pod variety can occasionally be hard to come by. That’s where you come in. With Best Coffee’s selection of specialty pods, you can gift 60 specialty pods from 3 independent roasters injecting a burst of new flavour into that lucky someone’s machine. You’re able to purchase this selection individually or as a subscription.

  • Retailer: Best Coffee
  • Price: ££

9. Old Spike Coffee

Old Spike is coffee with a conscience. Not only does their coffee deliver incredibly bold and memorable flavours but the company’s dedication to social enterprise through helping the homeless makes them among the most admirable in the coffee business. Their gift options range from subscription to gift cards and gift sets, meeting a handful of price points in the process.

  • Retailer: Old Spike Roastery
  • Price: £-£££

10. Selection of Skinny Coffee Syrups

Syrups spice up coffees, injecting them with exciting new flavours but doing so usually comes with a very high sugar content. Jordan’s Skinny Syrups remedy this by offering sugar-free alternatives that boast 0 calories and 0g sugar. This syrup trio containing iconic Mocha, Vanilla and Salted Caramel will allow even the most adamant weight watcher access to those classic coffee treats.

  • Retailer: Amazon
  • Price: £


11. KeepCup Reusable Coffee Cup

Whether leaving the house with your own coffee or grabbing one on the go without producing waste, a good keep-cup is a must-have for every coffee lover who finds themselves on the move. This tempered glass cup comes in various shapes, with the 12oz striking the best balance between size and usability. Its careful selection of materials also ensures the cup will fit in with any aesthetic.

  • Retailer: Amazon
  • Price: ££

12. BODUM Bistro Blade Electric Coffee Grinder

As coffee lovers get further into the realm of coffee, chances are they’re going to find themselves grinding their own beans. To do so they, of course, need a grinder. This grinder by BODUM is stylish, modern, compact and durable. As it’s made to last, perhaps it will be the only grinder they will ever need. Just make sure to get in there before they buy their own! If you decide to get a grinder then check out our favourites here.

  • Retailer: John Lewis
  • Price: ££

13. Lavazza A Modo Mio Electric Milk Frother

While some latte lovers can deal with microwaved milk, once you have access to a milk frother there’s absolutely no going back. This easy-to-use milk frother from Lavazza makes the process an absolute breeze by heating the milk quickly internally. If you know a lover of lattes (or other milky coffees) this is one for them! We've even put together a dedicated list of our favourite milk frothers.

  • Retailer: Amazon
  • Price: £££

14. Ever Rich Coffee Pod Tower (40 pods)

While coffee pod machines are convenient, what aren’t so convenient are the boxes used to store coffee pods. Enter the Ever Rich Coffee Pod Tower which not only efficiently stores coffee pods but makes an elegant design statement out of them. Storing up to 40 pods, this rotating tower is a must have for those with pod machines.

  • Retailer: Amazon
  • Price: £

15. Colourful Glazed Espresso Cups (set of six)

While you can go mad about all the details of making coffee it can be easy to forget that what you’re drinking out of matters just as much. Make sure your loved one doesn’t forget this by providing them with an elegant set of cups for their favourite type of coffee. This set of six gorgeously glazed espresso cups certainly does it for us.

  • Retailer: Not On The High Street
  • Price: ££

Outside the box ideas

16. Espresso Martini Cocktail Kit

Just like coffee, cocktails are a beverage born out of love, care and knowhow. This espresso martini cocktail kit effortlessly combines both artisanal drinks into a unique but familiar blend. Coming with vodka, coffee liqueur, hazelnut liqueur and Lazzaroni Amaretto, this kit will bring a new dimension to a coffee lover’s palette.

  • Retailer: Not On The High Street
  • Price: ££

17. Coffee Tasting Experience

If the coffee lover in your life thinks they’ve tried it all, they’re going to have to think again. A coffee tasting experience will elate their taste buds and deepen their knowledge of their favourite bean in one fell swoop. Truly Experiences offer a variety of coffee tasting (and coffee making) experiences all across the UK in order to take your coffee lover to the next level.

  • Retailer: Truly Experiences
  • Price: £££-££££

18. Coffee Art Book

While coffee is undeniably a lot about taste, it’s hard to understate the importance of aesthetics. Coffee Art takes this idea and runs with it, bringing you a collection of the most creative barista art out there. Not only that but it provides inspiration and stencil patterns to help fast-track the reader’s barista skills.

  • Retailer: Amazon
  • Price: £

19. Ultimate Coffee Gift Set

If you’re stuck between coffee, coffee makers and coffee accompaniments, why not get them all? The Ultimate Coffee gift set by Coffee Box does just this by bringing together an iconic cafetiere coffee press, five delicious coffee blends and two delicious flavours of biscotti—a coffee’s best friend. This all-in-one gift box provides a variety of specialty products especially suited to those who aren’t quite sure what to get the coffee lover in their life.

  • Retailer: Coffee Box
  • Price: £££

20. Tickets to the London Coffee Festival

Touted as “the biggest coffee party on earth”, any coffee enthusiast would surely feel like a kid in a candy store attending the London Coffee Festival. Offering a variety of flavours from both iconic and newcomer roasteries along with a handful of events to watch, learn and share in the love of coffee it’s really hard to understate the variety on offer at the London Coffee Festival. As this event is annual, even if you miss this year, you can keep it in your books for next!

  • Retailer: London Coffee Festival
  • Price: £-£££

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Buying Guide

When picking out the perfect gift it’s important to ask a few questions to ensure you give them something they’ll love.

What type of coffee do they drink?

To those who don’t drink coffee often it may seem like one homogenous drink, but coffee lovers will always have their preferred cup.

The first distinction is whether they drink their coffee with milk or not, while also identifying their preferred size of cup. Are they a lover of grade lattes or simple, petit espressos? This will help identify what equipment and cups will suit them.

Then consider what taste they like—do they enjoy sweet, mild or strong? This can help you both narrow down the types of coffee and see whether syrups would be on the cards.

What Equipment do they already own?

A golden rule in gift giving is not giving someone something that they already own. Thus, you want to be careful not to buy your coffee lover a second coffee machine, a third moka or another coffee grinder.

If you think they are already well equipped in terms of coffee making devices, the best advice is to steer clear from the coffee making and focus on either the coffee itself, accessories or something more experiential.

What is your budget?

The final question has less to do with them and more to do with you. Consider your budget early on and stick to it. Even if one particular item looks phenomenal, if it’s over twice your original budget you should hold off! When it comes to coffee, you can also easily consider getting a variety of gifts to add up to a certain total, instead of necessarily needing to find one discrete item.


Coffee lovers come in many shapes and sizes. Some love sweet syrup in large lattes while others opt for delicate, full bodied espressos with a biscotti. When you’re in the market for a gift for a coffee lover in your life, it’s essential to know (at least roughly) where they land on the scale.

This can help guide you towards getting certain equipment, particular strengths of coffee or something even more unique. But, when in doubt, all coffee lovers are united by the bean and, well, variety is the spice of life—so splashing out on a good variety of coffee can often be the safest option. That said, the safest option can often lack wow factor, meaning that experiences or carefully selected specialist equipment will always do well.

Coffee making is a complex art, but one thing’s for sure: coffee lovers love coffee—so provided you stay in the ballpark and do some detective work you’re bound to land on a great gift!

Affiliate disclaimer: on some or all of the products above, we receive a small commission if you make a purchase via our site. This does not impact the price you pay, but it allows us to keep helping people by writing these reviews, so thank you!

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